This was going to be a 25 mile training paddle from Mission Bay in San Diego north to beautiful La Jolla Cove.  With a friend in tow in the Tempest 170, we launched on a (predictably) sunny day from Mission Bay.  Mission Bay is a great launch point since it's well protected (although weather in SoCal is rarely and issue), there's tons of free parking, the launch ramp is free, and there are tons of kayaks on the water.   The bay itself is beautiful in a manicured kind of way, with beautifully landscaped greens and picnic spots  punctuated with marinas filled everything from small sailboats to multi-million dollar yachts.   We encountered a Coast Guard cutter doing some recovery training and then finally made our way out of the bay into the ocean.  The Pacific coast in this area is somewhat atypical in that it has more cliffs than beaches;  there are some beautiful small coves along the way and some great surf breaks created by underwater rock formations.  There was a good swell that we were paddling broadside to, but it was gentle and cause no issues.  Once we got to La Jolla Cove we explored the sea caves a bit and enjoyed a long dip in the water to cool off after we rafted up our boats as a floating platform.  La Jolla Cove is chronically packed with swimmers and kayakers, but somehow it isn't bothersome;  it fits with the character of the place.  The water is incredibly clear and this is a popular spot for divers and snorkelers.  There is also a large colony of seals that comes up on the rocks;  they were constantly thrashing about on the rocks and diving into the water.  We headed back and arrived back at Mission Bay as the sun was setting. 

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