If you own a folding kayak, or a kayak without bulkheads (the walls that separate a kayak into waterproof compartments) then you should be paddling with a seasock.  Basically, the seasock is a waterproof fabric sheath that fits around the coaming and extends forward into the boat.  You sit inside the seasock;  if the kayak capsizes or your sprayskirt is caved in from a wave, the water is contained in the seasock and your boat doesn't get flooded.  For folding boats the seasock also keeps debris and seawater from getting in the boat and making it hard to disassemble.  A seasock won't interfere with a wet exit;  it's just as easy to get out of the kayak.  Feathercraft delivers a seasock with all of their kayaks;  they come in multiple sizes and are a high-quality product.  Folbot boats don't come with one and have very large, irregular cockpits, so it's best to have one made.  We had one custom made for our Cooper by Black Dog Kayaks, which has been a high-quality option and comes in a variety of colors.