We went kayaking for our (too short) honeymoon.  Yup.  That pretty much says it all.  When we're not actually kayaking, we're usually planning for kayaking or talking about kayaking in some form or another.  There was even a recent conversation about paddles that took up the better part of an afternoon.  It ended up with the Rhino buying the Badger a Greenland paddle to slow him down a bit since he tends to take off.  Ok, we do other things besides kayaking, but it was the Rhino's (she's the girl) idea to make a webpage to share information about our trips so that other people would have an easier time.  She's cool like that.  She also paddled 1,200 miles solo from New York to New Brunswick.  That's REALLY cool. I just wanted to hoard the information, taking it to my deathbed and keeping all our cool private spots to ourselves.   I'm a safety nut;  I take a radio, med kit, and an EPIRB everywhere I go.  The Rhino thinks it's overkill, but we've seen some hairy situations where I was glad that we had that stuff as backup.  We'll see you on the water.  Comments or questions?  Write us at webmaster@brkayak.com.